Building Document & Contract Review
Review building plans, specifications, engineering and building contracts prior to signing and
recommend any changes required to protect our client's interests.

Building Inspections & Reports
Staged and final inspections to identify any problems and/or defective works, reports are forwarded
to the contracted parties and/or the Building Surveyor or regulating Authority as necessary.
These reports can highlight issues that are not covered and or missed by the mandatory inspections.

Building Contract Administration
Review any contractual issues and/or request such as progress payment claims, cost variations,
time extension claims, prime cost and provisional sum allowances and such contractual matters
and provide our recommendations.

Remedial Building Works
Many buildings have and can develop major problems, some are easily fixed, while others demand a
more challenging investigation before a solution becomes clear. Whether it's an easy fix or more of a challenge, we will provide a cost effective and practical solution for most building problems.

Recovery - Distress Projects
There are many reasons why a building project may become distress or develop problems. We will
analyze all the facts and model a recovery program that will restore good authority and direction.

Building Maintenance Audits & Reports
We provide comprehensive building maintenance audits with reports on existing conditions together
with planned, programmed work schedules for recommended improvements, upgrades and repairs.

Expert Witness     -     (In accordance with VCAT - Practice Note: PNVCAT2 - Oct 2014)
I can provide expert witness reports on many areas within my scope of expertise and/or refer you
to an expert witness that is better qualified to deal with a specific issue or matter.